Solution for ›Murder in Knusiland‹

Again the statements:

  1. Lollinger: I didn't commit the murder.
  2. Momminger: I am the murderer.
  3. Nonninger: Both statements just given are wrong.
  4. Lollinger: From the three statements just given, exactly one is true.
  5. Momminger: From the four statements just given, there are more wrong than true.
  6. Nonninger: I never lie.

There are four possible combinations of statements 1. and 2.: true/false, false/true, true/true and false/false.

If 1. is true and 2. is false, then 3. is false, 4. true and 5. false. So Nonninger has to be the Cebian and therefore 6. true. But that contradicts "I never lie".

If 1. is false and 2. is true, both Lollinger and Momminger would be the murderer, which was explicitly excluded by the inspector.

If both 1. and 2. are true, the 3. is false, 4. is false and 5. is false. But then both Lollinger and Momminger would be Cebians.

Leaves only that 1. and 2. are false. Then 3. is true, 4. true, 5. false and 6. true: Lollinger is the murderer.

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