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Almost 10 years after the book ›Generative Gestaltung‹ was published we thought, that an update would be good. The programming language Processing is still cool. But things are shifting more and more to the web. The new version of the book features many of the old examples and some new stuff. All of the programs were translated to p5.js, the Javascript port of Processing. So, all of it will work directly in the browser. Visit the website of Generative Gestaltung to have a look on the examples.


The team of authors around Benedikt Groß and myself was extended by Niels Poldervaart and Joey Lee which helped a lot with code contributions, translations, help with the website, and so on. Many thanks for that!

The new layout and design was done by Gold & Wirtschaftswunder Stuttgart. Many thanks to Julia Kühne, Christian Schiller (Art Direction), Steffen Knöll and Christian Nicolaus.

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